Friday, December 17, 2021

Main differences between Recruitment and Selection.

Differentiate between recruitment and selection.

- Recruitment aims at searching for the talent and promoting the candidates to apply for the position while selection is the process of screening the candidates to fill a position with the most suitable candidate. 

- Recruitment process gets a pool of candidates for the selection process to work and choose the best one. 

- Recruitment encourages more and more people to apply while selection eliminates unsuitable candidates to zero down on the best one. 

- There is no contractual agreement between the employee and the employer in the recruitment process while after the selection a contract is agreed upon by the employee and the employer.

What is recruitment management system? What are its features and benefits?

- Recruitment management system is a tool for effective management of recruitment process. It helps in quick, reliable, accurate and unbiased processing of various applications. 

- The system helps in efficient management of system by automatically maintaining the database of candidates. 

- It works as a good interface between various parties involved in the whole process

- It helps in better communication.

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